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Hello, I’m Kim

Christian Life Coach

Certified Professional Life Coach

Hi, I’m Kim, a Life Coach for Christian women looking to step into all that God has for them – in health, relationships, careers and all of LIFE. I am passionate about helping women just like you as you navigate this life you’ve been given.

I believe that every woman on this planet was created for a purpose. As Jesus followers, we worship the same God, but we should not all live the same life. You’ve been given a unique perspective, passion, dream, family, career, abilities – and that one-of-a-kind calling is what makes you so special as a daughter of the King.

Coaching is how I can help you draw out what God has placed on your heart, and grow into the woman that He made you to be.

Coaching might be the next right step if you:  

Have a dream in your heart, but feel “stuck”

Crave accountability and support as you step towards your goal

Feel called to “more” but are unsure where to start

Want to grow a new habit or let go of an old one

Are transitioning from one phase of life to another

Make Your christ-centered Growth a Priority.

I certainly will.

What Clients have to say

Kim helped me by teaching me how to take my big goals and turn them into smaller goals. Through her guidance, I was able to learn more about how my brain works and how to work with it, not against it. The result was being able to take one thing that I have a desire to do, and create and action plan to make it happen.

After learning how to take one thing at a time, I am now able to look at my list of goals without anxiety. I now look at it with excitement and motivation! Kim is very easy to talk to, she’s a very kind person. I always look forward to our time together!

Melinda, AZ


Kim is such a great coach! By asking specific questions, she helped me to put my spinning thoughts into concise thoughts and goals, and to break some big dreams into small tasks that were much less overwhelming.

I also appreciated that she helped me see how my faith was an essential part of reaching those goals, even when I couldn’t always make the connection. She is a great listener, and really knows the right questions to ask.

Melanie, UT